Protection of Personal Data

As per the Law No. 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“LPPD”), any information that serves to identify, or make identifiable, a natural person, falls within the scope of personal data. We, ILBERNARDO, as the Data Controller, process your personal data lawfully and in good faith, for specific, clear and legitimate purposes, to a certain extent, in compliance with the principle of proportionality, and as required for the intended purpose. Accordingly, we would like to inform you about the rights granted to you under the LPPD.

Explicit Consent
In compliance with the LPPD, ILBERNARDO may, as the Data Controller, obtain, record, store and keep your personal data you share with ILBERNARDO through the website belonging to ILBERNARDO, our stores and other channels, within the framework as described in the LPPD, and update and modify these data in order to be able to sustain its services, and where and to the extent permitted by the legislation, disclose, assign and/or transfer these data third parties, share these data with third parties, classify and anonymize these data, and process these data in other ways under the LPPD.
Within this context, you explicitly consent to the processing of your personal data shared while registering or signing up with ILBERNARDO, in accordance with the LPPD, the relevant legislation and within the scope specified below. Your membership or signing up with ILBERNARDO is not a prerequisite for shopping, you can purchase all our products from our stores without registering or signing up. In this case, your personal data will be processed only in the existence of exceptional circumstances listed in the LPPD that do not require explicit consent, and limited within the scope of these exceptions.

Methods for the Collection of Your Personal Data

In order to keep accounting records due to your being a store customer, to create shopping history and to provide services in accordance with your requests, your personal data are collected from you, and retained in compliance with the periods stipulated by the legislation.
We collect your personal data through:
– registration, membership or signup form you complete electronically or physically;
– social networks that enable you to log in to our websites as a registered customer;
– contact forms on our websites or websites of third parties, which you complete to contact us;
– online shopping applications, cookies used to recognize you, our mobile applications;
– various contracts you conclude with our Company, and any electronic mails, requests, work orders, facsimile messages and letters you have sent to our Company;
– third-party company(ies) processing data on behalf of our Company or providing support to our Company at any phase of the membership program process;
– our customer care service channels, including our employees, digital marketing and call center;
– use of social media channels, and search engines such as Google;
– membership contracts and other contracts, campaigns, applications, forms, offers, etc.

With reference to the abovementioned methods, your personal data will be processed as required for the purpose of establishing the contract, in case such contract is concluded with you and thereafter, as required for the fulfillment of the contract, which processing will be carried out only based on this information text and without your explicit consent as per Article 5/2(c) of the LPPD.

Transfer of Personal Data
Provided that adequate measures are taken within the framework of the principles of privacy and security as prescribed by the LPPD and the relevant legislation, your personal data may be transferred to: (1) administrative and official authorities which your personal data are legally required to be transferred to, as well other relevant authorities, (2) due to the information technologies we are using, the servers located in the country or abroad, and the companies providing this server support, (3) the persons and entities in the country or abroad, from whom we receive physical server and/or cloud services, (4) our business partners domiciled in the country or abroad, from whom we receive services or with whom we cooperate in order to carry out our activities and (5) third parties in the country or abroad, from whom we receive any other services.

Personal Data Retention Period
Your personal data will be retained for a period of 5 years pursuant to the Law No. 6563 on the Regulation of Electronic Commerce. At the end of the said period, your personal data will be erased, destroyed or anonymized by ILBERNARDO on its own motion or upon your request.

As per Article 11 of the LPPD, the data subjects have the rights to:
– learn which of their personal data are processed or not processed by ILBERNARDO;
– be informed about the purpose of processing their personal data;
– know the third parties in the country or abroad, to whom ILBERNARDO transfers their personal data;
– request for rectification in case their personal data have been processed deficiently or inaccurately;
– request for erasure or destruction of their personal data within the framework of the conditions stipulated by Article 7 of the LPPD:
– in case of their request for rectification, erasure or destruction of their personal data, request that the operations carried out be notified to the third parties to whom their personal data are transferred;
– object to occurrence of any results that are to their detriment through analysis of their processed data exclusively by automated systems;
– receive a copy of their personal data.

You can contact us for your opinions and questions about your rights listed above.
Any complaints to be raised by data subjects whose personal data are processed by ILBERNARDO will be responded and concluded by ILBERNARDO as soon as possible or within 30 days at the latest.

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