Jewelry Dimensions

There are different sizes for rings and bracelets. Please contact us to learn more about the type and model you would like to purchase. You check the detailed measurement indicator below.

If you don’t know your ring size, wrap a piece of yarn/thread around your ring finger and mark the point where the two ends meet. Measure the marked point in millimeters by using a ruler. Find your finger size by checking it from the measurement table.

Jewelry Storage, Maintenance and Cleaning

Please keep each of your jewelry in a different closed box. Gems and stones could damage other jewelry. If you do not have a large jewelry box, you can store your jewelry in a plastic bag or pouch or wrap it in tissue paper. The best way to clean the jewelry is through professional care. Please visit Il Bernardo stores for maintenance and repair.

Custom Design

Each of the Il Bernardo jewelry is custom-made, designed, and created by jewelry artists, and all our jewelry is unique.

Our jewelry artist can also create unique custom pieces for you. Your classic jewelry with precious gems can be redesigned. Please visit our custom design page and contact us for more information


Please contact us to learn more about Il Bernardo jewelry. We can assist you with your purchase.