User Security

For secure online shopping;

• Shop from the e-commerce sites you believe in reliability of.
• Take record of your shopping, retain the e-mails.
• Read the delivery and cancellation/return/replacement terms before shopping.
• Record the phone numbers or e-mail addresses for your questions.
• Make sure you use an up-to-date virus software on your devices.
• Set a password consisting of letters and numerals. Update your password at certain periods.
• Take care for your mobile phone and e-mail details recorded in the systems of your bank to be up-to-date at all times so that they can reach you in case of emergencies involving your card.

Do Not:

• Open the e-mails or messages to your Facebook account from people you are not familiar with.
• Use USB and similar devices you don’t know on your computer.
• Share your password information with anyone, note it down.
• Share with anyone your card details, SMS codes received on your phone, your information related to the websites. Hand your credit card to someone.
• Pay regard at all if you are receiving e-mails or SMSs directing to any site to enter your personal/card information.
• Shop through public wireless networks or in environments where there are shared computers.

Pay Attention:

• Note that the link of the site you are shopping on turns from http to https at the payment phase.
• Make sure that you get information before downloading an application to the technological devices you are using.
• Be vigilant against fraudulent call center calls trying to receive your credit card information or personal information under various pretexts.
• Be vigilant against the persons who introduce themselves as lawyers, police officers, public prosecutors, bankers, insurers, etc. by calling you from numbers that imitate corporate numbers of the banks.
• Make sure that you download apps on your mobile phone from official application stores (e.g. Google Play, Apple Store). Programs downloaded from unofficial domains may infect your phone with viruses, and your contacts, SMS sent to you and your banking details may be captured.

What measures does Il Bernardo take for secure shopping?

Credit Card and Payment

• Only your name and surname are stored among your credit card details. No other information is stored within Il Bernardo.
• Data exchange between the payment screens and banks, including the credit card information, is performed by a fully encrypted traffic.
• The latest technologies are used for your security on every page you enter your personal information, in the purchases you make by credit card. The key at the bottom of each browser indicates this fact.
• Users can use “3D Secure System”, the secure payment infrastructure of the banks.
• Il Bernardo never asks credit card and password information through e-mail from its users.