She suddenly realized that he had entered an idyllic garden. Everything looked different. The daylight, which felt that it was about to enter the long hot summer season, lost its intensity, and the strong smell of the sea gave way to the delicious scent of sakura tree, vines, wisteria, roses and fig trees. All around him was a silence woven by the sound of thousands of birds and fountains, interrupted by the cries of majestic peacocks. Fearlessly, she climbed the sand-covered stone steps and walked slowly in the soft light that filtered through the cradle of plants that opened and closed around him. And were they really seeing it right? They began to collect necklaces, earrings and bracelets of unique beauty, signed by IL BERNARDO, hidden among the flowers in this secret garden they arrived at.

Carat Gold
Total Diamond
0.17 carat
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